Already prominent among a new generation of Bahamian artists, Chan Pratt emerged as a distinctive talent. His work captured the regional flavour of the multi-faceted Bahamian culture. Although Chan had not had any university training, he attributed a lot of his training to the guidance of Eddie Minnis during his early years. Chan established his distinctive style through the use of the sombre palette knife, which breaks the image into multiple planes, diffusing light over the face of the painting, creating a sculpted, three-dimensional effect, enhancing the painting’s realism. Chan had been the focus of many one man shows in Nassau, Washington D.C., Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. His work has been collected nationally and internationally, with a painting in the White House, Washington D.C.

~ 20% of the profits from each sale will go to the Chan Pratt Foundation, a nonprofit organization which assists young Bahamian artists with their careers and education ~